Director’s Choice Celebrates 25 Years

Director’s Choice Celebrates 25 Years

In the mid 1990s, Director’s Choice started offering music festivals made specifically for directors and students.

At the time, there were not a lot of options for directors who wanted to give their students a chance to perform. We hosted several successful festivals, and we started to notice something. Director’s wanted more!

More specifically, directors wanted transportation and lodging, and that is when Director’s Choice transformed into the tour and travel operator that it is today.

We have helped thousands of students travel and perform all over the world.

How it Started

Old Logo
  1. Music Festivals provided in Dallas and San Antonio only.
  1. Travel options were limited to motorcoach, park tickets, and full service lodging.
  1. Custom pricing tailored to meet the needs of each group and community.
  1. Hard copies of performance and travel documents organized in a physical binder.
  1. Primarily helped Texas schools and directors find performance and travel.
  1. Managed by music educators and former directors.

How it’s Going

Director's Choice Logo
  1. Travel anywhere in the world for any length of time with however many people.
  1. We now create and host lots of performance events, such as:
  1. Custom pricing tailored to meet the needs of each group. (Some things never change.)
  1. Digital documents have replaced physical binders.
  1. Our home is still Texas, but we serve directors and students all over the United States.
  1. We are still managed by music educators and former directors today.
  1. We now also assist groups that travel for other educational events, not just performances.

Learn from the past

More than just a few changes have taken place over the years, and we have evolved with the times.

One of the biggest lessons we learned in 2020; Encourage groups to use trip insurance. We have actually always offered trip insurance, but after coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now strongly encouraged for every package.

In 2001 Director’s Choice also took steps to increase student safety after the 9/11 attacks. We’ve come to think about the students who travel with us like they are our own, and we continue to put safety first today.


There was a time when directors had time to organize trips for their students, mostly on their own.

In today’s world, district faculty, parents, and even school boards want to be in-the-loop when it comes to building and expediting student travel and performances. Today, we provide resources to help directors plan experiences, communicate with their parents, and prepare for administrative questions.

These trips are no small feat, and getting everyone on the same page can be a challenge. We make it easy for everyone involved to be excited about the experience. Director’s and parents don’t need to worry about the minute-to-minute details. Let us take care of that!

Strive for better

Director’s Choice is proud to be a contributing member of the music education community. We know these experiences are important for students. Valuable performance experiences outside the classroom inspire students to continue learning and developing their skills. They also make a music ensemble a lot more cohesive and fun!

As for these next 25 years, We expect Director’s Choice to keep leading the music education community in an ethical and respectable way.

“As group leaders decide on travel and performance goals for their program, Director’s Choice will continue to be the trusted choice as a partner.”

Jon Locke, Owner