SMSE 2021

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2020 Convention Schedule

TMEA February 13-15 San Antonio, TX
Southwest Music Summer Exhibition July 23-25 San Antonio, TX

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TMEA 2020

Come by to find out about The Marching Championship, our new marching band competition, sign up for a festival or talk to one of our friendly travel consultants about student performance travel to exciting destinations. See you in February!

Beyond the Clef Guests

Beyond the Clef logo presented by Director's Choice Going Further with your Music Program
Have you ever been on the set of a LIVE video shoot? Stop by our booth at one of the Texas conventions and watch us produce Beyond the Clef live, right from the convention floor.

Stay tuned for the podcast show line up at TMEA in February.


Watch the podcast here

Have an idea for a topic or a guest? We want to hear from you!

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Community Driven

We’re not satisfied just being your go-to travel experts. Director’s Choice was founded by and for members of your director community. Our goal is to better your convention experience by providing easy access to our consultants and housing a community of your peers and friends. Every convention experience is crafted and designed with you in mind.


Conventions are about connecting with you face to face as well as connecting your to your next performance or travel destination.  Having time one on one with you is valuable, and we want to make the most of it.

  • Pre-schedule a meeting with your travel consultant to reserve time on the convention floor
  • Look for special offers- get FREE insider tips and how to articles by stopping by the booth
  • Don’t pass us by without stopping for your free gift or fun trinket
  • Ask us for a FREE InVision demonstration- step into our booth and your next destination
  • Grab the latest copy of our NEW Travel & Performance Resource, available only at our booth
  • Feel welcome to use our booth as a central meeting spot for friends and colleagues