Frequently Asked Questions


How do you figure airfare quotes?

Director’s Choice realistically estimates airfare based on an average from the same period of the previous year. We’ll line item our quotes so you can review the potential costs. We’ll always give you the airfare options before we purchase.

What extra fees will I encounter?

None. When you get a quote from Director’s Choice, the price is real and accurate. We always include gratuities, taxes, tolls, and driver lodging in our quotes.

Will your insurance be enough to cover my students?

Yes. At Director’s Choice, keeping your students safe is our top priority. Every package we book comes with our $2 million liability insurance policy. So you can rest easy knowing you, your students, and your district are covered.

Is every trip package all-inclusive?

That’s up to you. We realize every ensemble, every trip, every performance is unique. The great thing about fully customizing your trip is that you can decide how much or how little you want us to arrange for you. Your trip can be all inclusive—where we coordinate all lodging, transportation, performance, meals, etc.—or you can choose to have Director’s Choice book only certain items, while you take care of other aspects using additional resources.

When’s my final payment due?

For most trip packages, the final payment is due either 30 or 60 days prior to your group’s departure date—depending on what’s included in the package. We’ll always let you know up front exactly what we need and when. To obtain the official, final due date for your specific trip, you can always refer to your contract or ask your travel consultant.

Are all payments non-refundable at the due date? What about our payment terms?

We’ll always let you know up front and in writing what your payment and cancellation terms will be. Everything will be crystal clear so there’s no confusion about finances prior to your departure. Any changes beforehand must be submitted in writing, so please contact your consultant via email or fax to request the change. Feel free to call us, day or night, if you have any questions.

How do you handle payments?

We accept payments in the form of checks, cashier’s checks, and credit cards. We always try to make things easier on you by breaking up your total cost into multiple, equal increments, so you may have 3-5 payments total. Before you register for a trip, your consultant will inform you of the specific trip payment deadlines. These deadlines will be included in your Registration Contract.

Information Changes

What happens to my flights if student info changes?

You can still make changes after submitting the manifest to the airline. However, there’s a charge for each change made. This amount changes according to the airline. Refer to your consultant for the specific charge amount that may apply to your trip. We may also be able to add flight seats after your initial booking, depending upon availability and cost.

Will my motor coach price go up if I have to lower my number of students?

We will quote the exact price of the motor coach including driver hotel, gratuities, and tolls. Motor Coaches typically hold 56 passengers. So Changes in numbers can affect your per student price. You want to be as accurate as possible or make a deadline for cancellations with your students to help manage this variable.

My participant numbers have changed. What happens now?

Send your Director’s Choice travel consultant an email with your new participant numbers (all changes once you’re registered must be submitted in writing). Your cost per person and complimentary packages may not change, depending upon your trip package. You can always contact your travel consultant to see how any changes may affect your trip.

Registration and Booking

Okay, I’m ready to go. How do I register?

First, ask for a quote. A personal travel consultant will get in touch, with some figures, clearly lined out so you’ll know where the payments are going. Once you and your consultant have settled on the details included in your trip package, we’ll send you the necessary paperwork. You’ll become officially registered for a trip once you submit a signed contract to us, either via fax or email. The registration becomes fully complete upon payment of the registration fee and/or deposit for the trip package.

How do we pay for baggage fees?

You’ll pay in one lump sum at the airport, after a tally of checked bags has been taken by the airline. Alternatively, each individual participant can be responsible for paying his or her fees. Credit or debit cards are encouraged, and airlines do NOT accept checks for baggage fees. The airlines have the ability to change their checked baggage fees and policies at any given time.

Are checked baggage fees included in my trip package cost?

Unfortunately, no. Because of ever-changing airline policies, we don’t feel safe adding checked baggage fees into our quotes. We do this so you’re not stuck when an airline suddenly decides to charge more.

What info do I need to book flights?

You’ll need each participant’s full name (first, middle, last), matching the government issued photo ID they’ll bring to the airport, plus the student’s date of birth and gender. The initial manifest is due to your travel consultant a minimum of 90 days prior to departure. The final (proofed and approved) flight manifest is due to the airlines a minimum of 60 days prior to the date of departure.

How do you book airfare?

Airlines give us a deadline in which to contract and deposit on seats. Once we’ve received a price from the airline, a $100 non-refundable deposit per seat is required to hold the seats. The deadline date will be shown in your Package Options and relayed by your Director’s Choice consultant. If the deadline passes, we’ll lose the seats. In that case, we’ll have to begin the process again. Depending upon availability, the same flight(s) and price may not be available.

How do you choose your hotels?

We’ve got a lot of connections in the travel industry, and we’ll put our buying power to work for you. We’ll take your unique needs into account, and we’ll always book you in student-friendly locations that are safe, clean and secure.

When is the final deadline to make any changes to my trip?

Every trip is unique. The specific deadline and penalty dates for changes to your specific trip are listed on your Registration Contract. All dates are dependent upon when your trip is occurring, and what’s included. Any changes requested must be submitted in writing, so please contact your consultant via email or fax to request a change, or feel free to call him or her if you have questions.

How late can I register for a trip?

Every trip is different. There’s no official deadline or “last day” to register for a trip. However, the possibility to register for a trip may grow more limited as the event date approaches, due to availability. If options are available, we’ll do whatever we can to help you out. That’s what we’re here for.

What if I have an odd number of students? Will I still have to pay the full hotel rate if a room isn’t fully occupied?

No. We understand that not every room block fits into perfect fours. With our guarantee of up to six triple rooms at the quad rate, we promise not to charge you more money for rooms that only have three in them.