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About the Performance of Record


Since 1997, the Moores Opera House has served the University of Houston’s Moores Opera Center in preparing students to perform around the world. With the intimate acoustics of an old European opera house, an 80-performer orchestra pit, and state-of-the-art recording equipment, the Opera House gives your ensemble the high-quality recording and performance opportunity it deserves. The 800-seat hall is adorned with a massive ceiling installation by artist Frank Stella.


The Performance of Record offers your ensemble a 50-minute public performance recorded by engineer Michael Browning. This event event was created to facilitate directors wanting a high-quality recording opportunity, and as such it is a non-adjudicated performance with no music requirements.

Rules and Guidelines

Time Allotment


Each ensemble will receive a 50-minute warm-up period. This includes entering the room, warming up, and exiting the room. The last five minutes of warm-up will be used to transfer the ensemble to the hallway, or the stage, if available.

Stage time:

Each performing group will be allowed a maximum of 50 MINUTES total time on stage. Timing begins at the designated performance schedule time and includes load in, warm-up, special tuning, level checks with the recording engineer, breaks between movements, time between selections, and exiting the stage. If the length of your ensemble’s program is close to the 50-minute allotment, you must take that into consideration with your sound checks. Timing will be strictly adhered to, 50 minutes for all groups, to ensure the following group can begin on the top of the hour.

Music Requirements

This is a non-adjudicated event. There are no music requirements at Performance of Record events. The event was created to facilitate directors and ensembles wanting a high-quality recording opportunity. We encourage all participants to consult with the TMEA guidelines that are printed at for Honor Band and Honor Orchestra entries. Director’s Choice offers the Performance of Record as an event that adheres to the guidelines and more importantly to the spirit of the TMEA Honor Band/Orchestra process.

The performance must resemble the typical flow of any formal concert. There should be no rehearsing between pieces or movements. However, you may take a tuning note if a player switches instruments, i.e. alto to soprano sax. If at any point during your performance time, the ensemble is stopped mid-work and started again, the subsequent performance of that work will not be recorded. Additionally, multiple performances of individual movements within a multi-movement work will not be recorded. Only continuous performances of works, as noted in your program order will be recorded.

Event Pricing

Total Cost: $750 which includes a $200 non-refundable registration fee


Director’s Choice will provide music stands, chairs, director’s podium, acoustic piano, chimes, marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, five timpani, and a concert bass drum for the performance stage. Ensembles may choose to use their own percussion equipment.

Equipment specific to UH/Moores Opera House:


UH will provide all risers for the event. If you have special needs please let us know ahead of time, when you submit your seating chart. You may bring a single piece to complete your setup if the items below do not fulfill your needs.

  • Up to 5 Wenger Aluminum Risers w/ 8” legs
  • Up to 5 Wenger Aluminum Risers w/ 16” legs
  • 2 Wenger Aluminum Pie-Wedge Risers (8” or 16” legs)
  • 1 Wenger Aluminum Trapezoid Wedge (8” or 16” legs)


  • 1 Concert Bass Drum
  • 1 Set of Timpani (4 drums) Adams Revolution – Standard Balanced-Action Pedals – if any more drums are needed, please let us know IN ADVANCE.
  • 1 Concert Chimes
  • 1 Xylophone
  • 1 Marimba – 5 Octave
  • 1 Glockenspiel
  • 1 Vibraphone
  • 1 Grand Piano Steinway 99 (no prepared piano without special permission secured ahead of time)


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