Festival Virtuale

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A safer and easier way to create a festival experience from the safety of your own rehearsal space. Use Zoom or any other district approved video conferencing platform. 

  • A renowned adjudicator/clinician
  • You Choose:
    • Non-competitive Festival (Ratings Only, No Competition)
    • Comments Only (Judges Comments, No Rating, No Competition)
  • Festival Time Allotment is 45 Minutes 
    • Use your time allotment however you prefer.  
  • This festival can also be upgraded by sending in a recording a week prior to your scheduled festival for the adjudicator to hear your ensemble and critique prior to the virtual performance.

Festival Virtuale is available in


Robert Stoval – Choral

Thomas Palmatier – Instrumental

Gary Lewis – Instrumental


Richard Crain – Instrumentalist


Rob Myers – Band


Brian West – Percussion Ensemble