Our Commitment To You Throughout COVID-19 and its Variants

Our Commitment To You Throughout COVID-19 and its Variants

Perhaps no industry has been as affected by COVID-19 as the travel industry.

There was a time when travelers could jump on a plane and travel all over the world without a second look back. Now, we are carefully navigating travel bans, regional health restrictions, and new documentation requirements.

According to the United World Tourism Organization, 100% of the world has experienced travel restrictions in a combined effort to slow the spread.

Traveling within the United States still isn’t totally back to normal. There are requirements for visitors coming across state lines, and there are even more restrictions internationally.

As you’re getting ready to travel this year, Director’s Choice is prepared to serve all of your travel needs. However, some things are going to be a bit different.

Our Promise

Director's Choice COVID-19 Promise

We are working hard to ensure that your trips, festivals, performances, and adventures abroad are fun, well-rounded, tailor-made and most of all safe.

We are implementing new policies to increase transparency with directors, parents, and students. As you set up your trip this year, you may notice that you have access to pricing information that you did not have before.

Director’s Choice is still the same company you’ve worked with in the past. We know the ropes when it comes to student and group travel, and we have learned a lot in the last 25 years about how to navigate a pandemic with a group of students.

We are here to:

Thanks For Your Patience

The entire travel industry took a big hit from COVID-19. We ask for your patience as we build proposals, communicate with bus companies, hotels, and other businesses in preparation for your trip. Many of these companies, us included, have experienced a reduction in staff but not a reduction in clients.

We promise to keep you updated every step of the way. Thanks for understanding and being one of our valued partners.