Festival Virtuale Rules and Guidelines

Festival Virtuale Rules And Guidelines



Concert Band

Jazz Band

Percussion Ensemble

Beginning Band


Mixed Choir

Tenor/Bass Choir

Treble Choir

Madrigal/Chamber Choir

Show Choir

Jazz Choir

Pop Choir

Beginning Choir


Full Orchestra

String Orchestra

Beginning Orchestra


Each performing group will be allowed 45 minutes of time in a virtual meeting format with the adjudicator. This time can be split up however the director wishes. For example; if the group performs for 10 minutes that would give the adjudicator 35 minutes to spend in critique.

Groups can request additional time. However, this must be done at time of registration.

In addition, groups can record the week before, and submit a recording early, allowing the adjudicator to listen and plan for a more thourough critique before the live virtual performance. This is an add-on for a nominal fee.


The director will need to furnish legal pdf’s of the music score(s). It is prefered that the measures are numbered on each piece to be performed. Show, jazz, and pop ensembles may or may not furnish scores. We will email instructions to upload these in your My Director’s Choice account. These pdf’s will be deleted at the conclusion of the festival. Legal pdf’s can be purchased from most music retail businesses. More guidelines and a list of publishers that are allowing virtual adjudication of their music, under specific terms and conditions, can be found at the National Federation of State High School Associations


Zoom is the preferred meeting platform. If you need to use Google Meet or Microsoft Teams please let us know so we can arrange the modification with you Adjudicator.


It is recommended that the director use a seperate camera and microphone that will permit the widest view and highest fidelity of the ensemble. If you have the means, this is far better than most built in cameras and microphones.


Ensembles may choose from two possible adjudication options:

Noncompetitive (Ratings Only, No Competition)

Comments Only** (Judges Comments, No Rating, No Competition)

** Ensembles that elect the Comments Only option will receive a trophy for musical achievement .


Ratings are noncompetitive. All ensembles will be judged against a national standard. The Director’s Choice rating system, based on the quality of music performance, is:

Superior             Excellent           Quality


Trophy shipment is included in the price of the festival. Please make sure that we have the correct physical adress on file for FedEx shipping.