Building Community Makes it Personal, Always

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Building Community Makes it Personal, Always

Community is powerful. It gives us a place and a people to belong to. It connects us with individuals and with ideas. You know, we are not islands. We, as the human race, long to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, to feel like we belong and to share ourselves with others. Building community is essential to the human condition.

I’ve been part of the Directors Choice community for over a decade, in many different roles. It’s a place and people that once tethered to, you never really detach from. Over the years, this community has grown… our members have gotten a little older and wiser, even a little balder (#sorrynotsorry, Jon). But we have not diminished. On the the contrary, this organic fellowship of music educators has diversified. We hunger for new, innovative ideas, fresh energy and to hear stories and learn from their experiences.


That’s one of the reasons conventions are so special for all of us. We just returned home from Southwest Summer Music Exhibition in San Antonio this past July. If you were there, you experienced it: community. Every part of our booth display encouraged fostering and celebrating community.  Whether directors were traveling or not, whether they looked for a festival performance or an adjudicator gig, they flocked to the booth. They came and they stayed. We reminisced, we shared stories, we connected with others face to face.

After some 20 years in business, Director’s Choice, through no direct intention or design, has become a connection point: a community of people passionate about making music, developing their students and supporting their peers. I think this is pretty special, which endears me to my co-workers and clients. 

New Look

You’ve probably noticed by now that our web site is new. This blog is new. Our Beyond the Clef podcast is new. Even our social media presence is new. These is all to provide a connection point for you. A point for our friends, family and community of music educators not just to us, but to each other.


So, even if we only see you face to face a few times at convention or festivals, I hope you’ll stop by our digital doorstep. Peek in and say hello. We commit to leveraging this rich community of music educators for ideas, introductions, and helping you feel part of something bigger than yourself.  #itsjustwhatwedo




Although it has been said she can sell air to a graduate vocal major, Stephanie Fox will tell you keen listening and observation make for effective, creative communication. Stephanie is the Director of Marketing for Director’s Choice and brings with her an education and background in journalism, TV sales, advertising and marketing.